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About Todd's Home Services

Dear Future Friend and Customer,

Thank you for considering Todd's Home Services for your residential construction needs. To give you an idea about the kind of home services business I operate, please let me take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself.

Since my teenage years, I have worked in various phases of construction and design. By age 19, I was a Chief CAD Operator and a Superintendent for my first home with an architect in Austin. It was there that I realized the path that would take me where I am today. Disgusted with the mentality of many builders and contractors, I decided to do something different ... put the customer first. I don't just walk the walk.

Many contractors are stuck on the idea of completing a project as fast as possible, no matter what the outcome or consequences. That's no way to run a customer-driven business, or to turn out a quality product. It has not been an easy road, and in the beginning there were years of negative income, but we have made it through stronger and better than many others around us. Honesty and integrity come at a price, but God rewards those that are patient.

We now have a strong customer base and continue to grow our business, keeping in the forefront the philosophies that prompted me to start the company in the first place. Despite the economic durnturn, God blessed us with work to make it through the economic downturn of recent years, and continue to prosper to where we are today!

Todd Shell

Todd's Thoughts and Beliefs

On Licensing and Registrations

It's very unfortunate that there are no longer any viable means to measure the knowledge, capabilities and integrity of contractors in the state of Texas. My license issued by the City of San Antonio (number IC1-916748) was earned when I demonstrated my knowledge of residential building codes in a test format. I also underwent a background check and submitted letters from previous customers attesting to my integrity as a contractor. But as of February 2009, the city of San Antonio no longer issued licenses to contractors and instead replaced their old license system with a registration similar to what the state was using. This enables a person to simply go to the city's business center and pay a fee without any demonstration of competence in the field. The illusion was then created that because a contractor has a card from the city, he must be reputable and knowledegable.

The state has a similar process of registration lasting only a few years. Required to participate by state law and area banks grasping for some sort of method to verify a contractor's legitimacy, I registered (number 48106) as the legislature acknowledged the program was of no real use to the citizens and was a huge drain of resources. The Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC) ran until August 31, 2010, finishing up old business, until its doors were closed. It's my opinion that they made a wise decision. Now if the Department of License and Regulation of the Texas Real Estate Commission could take up licensing contractors, the general public could have a way to distinguish knowledgable and reputable companies from others.

Other licenses held or previously held include a Texas Real Estate Salesperson License (exp) #510770

On Home Improvement Financing and Equity

Large improvements often require financing to make them a reality. It's important to know what effects the new loan(s) may have on your current and future financial well-being. Most homeowners sell their homes as life changes occur, and while that may be the furthest thing from your mind currently, it's very likely in the future. What this means is, before undertaking a large project, consider the impact it will have on your home's value. In most cases, it is not wise to spend $30,000 on work that would only improve the home's value by $10,000.

Likewise, it can be detrimental to cut costs to a point where the job cannot be completed properly. An addition, for example, should not look like an afterthought. It should flow seamlessly with the existing home, blending with the original architecture and materials used. Putting a room or a lean-to roof against a home with no similar features will likely not bring up the value nearly as much as a properly designed and built structure. In fact, it can hurt in some cases.

Before undertaking an improvement, whether it be a remodel or addition, look around your neighborhood and don't exceed everyone around you (known as overbuilding in the neighborhood). Keeping up with the Joneses, as the saying goes, is not always a bad thing. When in doubt, contact a real estate agent who is familiar with the area to see what will sell and what is acceptable for your area.

Finally, consult your financial advisor for tips on how to finance your project, if necessary, that won't break your budget. It is not now, nor will it ever be, the desire of this company to assist in creating a financial hardship for any of our customers. We are flexible where able to save customers money by having them do their own work, such as painting and demolition.

For jobs large and small, call Todd for an in-home or phone consultation at 210-336-7191, or fill out our simple Web Form now!



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