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Photos - Dining Room Expansion

San Antonio, TX

Adding simple molding to a ceiling can change the effect of the room.


We started by removing the old wall between a dysfunctional small bedroom and the way undersized dining room.

Preparing for a New Wall

With the old walls removed we could cut the sheetrock for the new wall that would separate the new closet from the larger dining room.

Ready for Sheetrock

The new wall is in as well as the new beam separating the vaulted ceiling in the living room from the wider dining.

Ready for Paint

The cedar-wrapped beam adds rustic charm and the new texture is much nicer than the old popcorn on the ceilings before. The customer painted themselves after we left to save on their budget.

A Different House

The changes to this space made the home feel completely new and different. The new French patio doors are of great use and accessible now that the room is big enough for a proper dining table.

Cedar-Wrapped Beam

A common way to achieve the appearance of a cedar beam with the strength of other materials is by wrapping the beam with cedar. A good trim carpenter can make the beam hard to distinguish between solid cedar or not.



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