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Photos - Kitchen Upgrade

San Antonio, TX

A little paint and new flooring go a long way.

The First Step is Paint

Painting over the dark and dreary paint will help brighten up this kitchen.

Color Makes a Huge Difference

The lighter color helps mask the lack of natural light available to the space.

Tile As An Inexpensive Upgrade

We removed the old sheet vinyl flooring before putting down cement backer board over the wood sub-floor.

Do It Right

We've seen several tile contractors not tile under appliances. It's sad to see a job half completed. We removed all of the appliances and tiled into the nooks of all of the cabinets.

Time for New Toe Kicks

Because of the way the old toe kicks were put in under the cabinets with the old flooring they had to be removed. This allowed us to tile under the cabinets a little bit to get a cleaner finished product.

All Finished

With the new toe kick boards in and the appliances reinstalled the customer now has a newer feeling Kitchen.


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