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Photos - Laundry Closet Upgrade

San Antonio, TX

The old Laundry room wasn’t to code and had numerous problems.  It was originally in a garage which had been converted into a family room.  Now it is more visually appealing and safe.

How it was...

The existing large bi-fold doors were bulky and stubborn to open making it difficult for the elderly resident to access the washer and dryer.

An Unsafe Situation

The gas water heater was in the same closet as the washer and dryer. The required outside ventilation was in place which also allowed hot air into the home and the air conditioned air out. Also, the carbon monoxide leakage from the heater was not contained.

Exposed Wiring

The electrical wire for the dryer was tacked along the wall and ceiling leaving it unprotected from possible chafing of the sleeve which could electrocute someone.

Seperate as it Should Be

The water heater now has its own closet with a weather-stripped door, keeping the hot air and potential carbon monoxide leakage out of the rest of the house.

Up to Code

The water heater now sits on an elevated platform with a drain pan in case of a leak. The threshold and weather stripping around the door make an immediate difference in the comfort of the rest of the house.

A Functional Laundry Room

With doors that fully open, the customer has easy access to the washer and dryer. The new light improves visibility in an otherwise dark closet, and the wire for the dryer is in the framing where it belongs.


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