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Photos - Multiple Repairs

San Antonio, TX

This customer needed a rotten fence replaced along with various other repairs in order to place his home on the market.  Take a look at the results.  Our services are not limited.  Large or small jobs, we do them all.


A New Privacy Fence

The backyard is now better insulated from street noise and a bit more private.

A View from the Patio

We replaced the arbor's corner post to the right of the picture and removed an old lattice fence that covered the patio.

Looking from the Driveway

The fence is just tall enough to shield the view of people from the street yet the patio still feels unrestricted.

Removing the Rot

We completely removed the old pilasters from either side of these doors and rebuilt them using new materials.

Cabinet Door Repair

The old doors under the sink had broken caning material. After they age a bit they will match the other natural cabinet doors beautifully.

Capping a Post

This post was really unnecessary for the structure of the arbor but needed to remain for the railing. We cut the rotten top off and put a stained cap on it.

See photos here for Outdoor Repairs and Renovations.

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