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Photos - Rotten Roof Repair

Ft. Worth, TX

A neglected leak years after a poor roof installation caused major problems for this elderly couple.


Looking Under the Overhang 1

Water has been flooding this area every time it rains for years.

Looking Under the Overhang 2

The black is the felt paper under the shingles. The wood is rotted away.

Improper Flashing

The flashing did not come out far enough and directed water under the shingles when it rained.

Removing the Rot

I had to go quite far up into the roof to get it all out. Wood rot is like a cancer.

Repair Before Paint 1

The new wood was milled to match the old pattern which is hard to see in the pictures.

Repair Before Paint 2

Notice the new flashing directing the water out of the corner like it is meant to. The repair was painted with the rest of the house.

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